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CYBEX Classic Full Club Gym

$ 63,999.00

Cybex - Full Club Liquidation Package- Contents

Manufacture Model Quantity
Cybex  Seated Leg Press 1
Cybex Classic Leg Extension 1
Cybex Classic Seated Leg Curl 1
Cybex Classic Prone Leg Curl 1
Cybex Classic Adductor 1
Cybex Classic Abductor 1
Cybex Classic Seated Row 1
Cybex Classic Seated Bicep 1
Cybex Classic Rotary Torso 1
Cybex Classic Shoulder Press 1
Cybex Classic Chest Press 1
Cybex Classic Standing Calf 1
Cybex Classic Smith Machines 1
Cybex Classic - Modular Modular Multi Station ( Ab, Lat Pull, Bicep, Back ext ) 1
Cybex Classic - Modular Modular Multi Station ( Chest, Tricep, Shoulder, Lat Pull ) 1
Cybex Classic - Modular Modular Multi Station ( Leg Ext, X-Over, Assist Dip, Leg Press ) 1
Hoist Glute 1
Cybex Classic 0-90 Degree Benches 2
Cybex Classic Hyper Ext / Low Back Bench 1
Cybex Classic VKR Bench 1
Cybex Classic Flat utility 2
Cybex Classic Adjustable Incline 2
Cybex Classic Decline / Ab Bench 2
Cybex Classic Tricep Seat 2
Cybex Classic Preacher Bench 2
Cybex Classic Seated Calf 2
Precor / Icarian - Jade Prostyle Jade Rubber Dumbbells - 5lbs Thru 50lbs 1
Precor / Icarian - Jade Prostyle Jade Rubber Dumbbells - 5lbs Thru 20lbs 1
Precor / Icarian Dumbbell Racks 3
Precor / Icarian Jade Rubber Barbells - 20lbs Thrus 110lbs 1
Precor / Icarian Barbell Rack 1
Accessories Stretch Bands 15
Accessories Med Balls w/ Rack 1
Accessories Misc Bars 5
Accessories Matts 10
Accessories Standing Punching Bags 2
Accessories Platform Steps w/ Risers 15
Accessories Body Bars - Various weights 27
Accessories Kick Balls 29
Accessories Fit Balls 30
Accessories Spri Bands 30
Accessories Dyna Bands 35
Accessories Beauty Bells ( 3lbs, 3lbs, 4lbs, 5lbs, 8lb, 10lb, 15lb ) - 150 pcs 1
Accessories Beauty Bell Rack 4











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