Shipping Policy

Once the product is ordered, you will be contacted by one of our Customer Services Representatives immediately. They will inform you of the shipping quote and take down any necessary information needed for delivery. Please look over the form below and be ready to answer all of the questions when a Customer Service Representative contacts you.

When the truck delivers your equipment, before you sign for it, please check all of your equipment for any evidence of damage. If you see any signs of suspected damage make sure the driver notes on your "Bill of Lading" all of the damage. If the driver refuses to wait while you check your equipment and it looks like it has some damage, have him note on the delivery form that the packaging shows damage or possible damage to the contents. Fit4Sale will do everything possible to assist you with any repairs to the damaged equipment.

You must always count all shipping units and sign only for the number of units received. If that number does not match the number on the Bill of Lading, please note on the Bill of Lading that the piece count is wrong, and immediately, notify the local carrier and Fit4Sale of this discrepancy.

After you notify the carrier, please call Fit4Sale (800-396-4348) and inform us about your claim.

In order to correctly have your product shipped and delivered please be ready to answer all of the questions below after our Customer Service Rep contacts you.



DELIVER TO: ______________________________ Phone ______________________________ Ext _________


Address _______________________________ City _______________________ St_________ Zip__________


Phone # ____________________ Hours/Days of Operation__________


SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS (Please fill out completely)


Dock Origin Y/N ______ Dock Destination Y/N_______Inside delivery Y/N ______ Curbside delivery Y/N _______


Uncrating Y/N _______ Debris Removal Y/N _______ Equipment Setup (if so describe below) Y/N________


Pad wrap (if so number of pads required) ______ COD (insert Org/Dest) _________ Bill to Account Y/N_______


Flight(s) at Org or Dest (circle one) # of _______ X-stop(s) (if yes list name/address/city/st/phone below in notes) Y/N ______



Quantity Description Dimensions L/H/W (in inches) Weight per Item (pounds)