Viking Fluid Rower

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Fluid Resistance uses nature’s greatest power – water – to shape a high value, fun exercise experience, is as good as it gets. Our attention to the human "hey, is this fun?" factors associated with engaging and sustaining a fitness regimen set us apart. No complex adjustments, just sit and go. Our fluid rowers are both physiologically superior in terms of the way they prepare your body without beating it up and motivationally superior in terms of its experience quotient. Our rowers engage most every muscle in the human body. They deliver a great low impact whole body workout that includes the highest cardio and calorie burn in the low impact category with a lower chance of strains or injury. The workout itself is geared to satisfy all ages, male or female, all sizes or fitness levels.

  • The joinery, rich wood tones and curved design represent unprecedented synergy – outstanding durability and true design elegance,
  • Setting a new standard for indoor rowers – not simply planks of wood bolted together.
  • No dead spots. This rower offer instant catch due to our triple bladed impeller system. The pull is strong and consistent through the complete rowing stroke.
  • Simplified assembly enriches the overall customer experience.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Durable belt drive. Smooth, clean, quiet and built to last.
  • Best low impact, non-jarring whole body, cardio, respiratory workout.
  • Best emulation of real on-water rowing experience with complete sensory support – sight and sound of moving water and consistent rowing pressure.
  • Resistance adjusts from modest rowing to Olympic workout with variable water level of 9-17 liters.
  • Solid construction makes this perfect for any application, home or small health club. Great as showcase workout in a spa or hotel.
  • Delron seat wheels with precision bearings and custom extruded, black anodized seat rail deliver smoothest seat action of any rower.
  • Computer displays: Time, distance, 500M split time, strokes per minute, calories per hour, watts, interval training and heart rate (optional).
  • Tough polycarbonate shell, 3 blade stainless steel impeller blade.
  • Ergonomic handle for superior comfort.
  • Unique heel support for perfect foot flexion, angle and capture – central sliding adjuster.



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