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Precor 576i Experience EFX® Elliptical Fitness Crosstrainer

$ 2,695.00

used Precor 576i crosstrainer 

Workout variety Features a variety of pre-programmed courses and multiple resistance levels, keeping exercise routines fresh and motivating.


Low maintenance Quality components and superior construction promote years of trouble-free use.


Space-efficient Designed to take up minimal floor space while providing exceptional stability-even during vigorous workouts. Easy to move, it fits through most standard doorways.


Display featuring Tap Control™  
Tactile paddles control CrossRamp® and resistance, confirming user input with a satisfying click. The multiple feedback options make it easy to monitor workouts.


Biofeedback center featuring SmartRate® 
Shows calories and actual heart rate in relation to exerciser's target zone for weight loss and cardio training.


Standard CSAFE interface 
Makes the EFX®576i compatible with other electronic fitness systems, such as Fitlinxx® and Cardio Theater®.


Accessory holder 
Water bottles, portable music players, magazines, and more are easily housed in the integrated console.


Touch heart rate monitor  
Easy-to-use handgrip sensors monitor heart rate. Heart rate telemetry helps keep the user in an aerobic workout, optimizing fat burn.


The best of both worlds 
The ergonomically designed arms guide the user to tone and condition the upper body. Users can select various ramp angles to emphasize and crosstrain quadriceps, gluteals, hamstrings and calves.


Great total body workout 
Working out on an EFX yields significantly more gluteal and quad activity than using a stairclimber, cycle, or treadmill. (Source: Barry Bates, Ph.D., Department of Exercise and Movement Science, University of Oregon)


For users of all sizes 
The EFX576i provides excellent stability and freedom of movement for users of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.


Users can select a ramp angle between 13 and 40 degrees. Stride lengths vary along the incline of the CrossRamp from 21.2 in.


14 programs and 20 resistance levels 
Variety of workout plans lets users work upper and lower body muscles and keep routines fresh and motivating


Centered in the Tap Control, QuickStart™ allows users to start with the touch of a single button.



Cross training • CrossRamp® technology, unique to Precor, provides 20 different settings (13-40° ramp incline) for users to target different muscle
groups. Ideal for all age and fitness levels.
• Durable 6-phase generator system with no contacting parts to reduce friction and wear provides 20 levels to tailor workouts with
consistent resistance. The 20 resistance levels range from 18 watts (level 1 at 20 SPM) to 720 watts (level 20 at 100 SPM).
• Double polyurethane wheels with over-sized axle and sealed bearings with improved seals glide on precision extruded aluminum
tracks to distribute user’s weight for efficiency providing an incredibly smooth feel.
• Dual action provides both upper and lower body workout.
Display • Offers seamless integration with Cardio Theater options.
• Bio-feedback center with SmartRate provides dedicated feedback on heart rate and calories to end users.
SmartRate® shows actual heart rate in relation to the target zone for weight loss and cardio training.
• Numeric keypad makes data entry and Cardio Theater control easy.
• Tap Control provides satisfying tactile and audible click so end users feel confident and safe operating the product.
• Options menu offers wide choice of metrics and user defined languages and units of measure for readouts.
• QuickStart™ for user convenience lets user begin workout with the push of a single button.
Frame • Biomechanics validated by Western Washington University Biomechanics Lab for users of all ages, fitness levels and sizes, from
the 5% size female to the 95% size male user.
• Two-step powder-coating process applies rust-resistant undercoat and cosmetic topcoat to steel frame.
• Excellent stability and freedom of movement for users of all sizes.
• Motion keeps users’ heels in contact with footplates reducing muscle and tendon stress allowing a balanced hands-free workout.
• Footplates are polypropylene plastic and self-draining. Foot space is 14.17 inches (36 cm) long.
• Transport wheels in the rear of the EFX allow the unit to be moved when cleaning the floor.
• Critical pivots are no-maintenance sealed bearing design. Other pivots incorporate self-lubricating bronze bushings.
• Ramp cover keeps the ramp cleaner longer and can be removed for easy access to clean the tracks, but cannot be inadvertently
popped off by stepping on it.
• Durable rear cover designed to reduce damage that could occur when excessive weight is applied to it.
• Cover side panels attach using a twist-lock design. Single screw required to securely hold each side panel in place.
Diagnostics • Ability to set club parameters, e.g. to limit exercise time and pause time.
• CSAFE ready and FitLinxx compatible.
Heart Rate • Has handheld heart rate and is equipped for heart rate telemetry reading using a chest strap.
• SmartRate® shows actual heart rate in relation to the target zone for weight loss and cardio training.
• Caloric measurements and all other metrics developed for accuracy by Emily Cooper, MD, of Seattle Performance Medicine, using
gas exchange measurements for users of all ages, sizes and fitness levels.
• Accessory holders for water bottle, portable music, reading material and more.
Warranty • Seven years frame, 5 years display face assembly, 2 years parts and 1 year labor. One year for battery in self-powered units.
Warranties outside the U.S. and Canada may vary.
• On the fly program changes without losing data
• Manual • 2 Intervals; includes standard interval and total body interval
• 4 Variety; includes Cross Country, 2
Gluteal, 1 Custom
• 1 Heart Rate Control; includes Basic
14 programs
directly by 6
• 1 Weight Loss • 5 Performance; includes Hill Climb, Fitness Test, 3 Cross Training
o % Complete, Average heart rate*, Average speed, Calories, Calories per hour, Calories per minute, CrossRamp incline, Goal, Heart rate*,
Language, Maximum heart rate*, METS, Profile, Resistance levels, Segment time, SmartRate®*, Speed, Strides per minute, Target heart
rate*, Time, Time elapsed, Time in heart rate zone*, Time remaining, Total strides, Units, Watts, Workout summary
* Requires use of chest strap or touch grips

Length 80 in (203 cm)
Width 32 in (81 cm)
Height 68 in (173 cm)
Weight 338 lbs (153 kg)
Shipping Weight 443 lbs (201 kg)
Power Self
CrossRamp® 13 - 40 degrees (adjustable)
Stride Length 21.2 in (54 cm) at 13 degrees to 24.7 in (63cm) at 40 degrees
Frame Powder-coated steel
Regulatory Approvals FCC, ETL, CE, EN 957
There is a basic, first situation when it’s not a good idea to do intensity prescriptions. That’s when the lifter is a newbie. And there are two really simple reasons for that. First is, that such powerlifters either don’t have 1RMs to base the on or the 1RMs they have are not correct. The latter reason occurs due to a mix of multiple factors. Such as limited technical ability, limited mobility, poor neurological efficiency, and the weak power of will. Secondly, new powerlifters usually progress very quickly to the next routines of the There are millions of ways on how to compose good weightlifting workout programs. Some coaches stay true to few basic plans on such training. They simply tweak them to be fit for different skills and experience levels. But we are sticking to quite a different plan. We put our focus on intensity (actual weights) prescriptions for any specific powerlifter. I personally am sure there are times when both approaches are applicable, even within the same workout session…