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Matrix Cardio Package

$ 18,900.00

Model 7XE Manufacturer Type Price
Treadmill FTM501E150728202 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501E120605161 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501E140721681 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501E151231732 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501E151231599 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501E150125172 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501E150125180 Matrix cardio  
Treadmill FTM501C100405352 Matrix cardio  
Elliptical EP81101103728 Matrix cardio  
Elliptical EP81101103728 Matrix cardio  
Elliptical EP81101103755 Matrix cardio  
Elliptical EP81101103754 Matrix cardio  
Elliptical EP81101103756 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001951 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001953 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001933 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001950 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001918 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001949 Matrix cardio  
Upright Bike CB75101001919 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB91101101682 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB91101101676 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB91101101677 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB91101101679 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB911101101678 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB91101101681 Matrix cardio  
Recumbant Bike RB91101101673 Matrix cardio  
Stepper CS11100600574 Matrix cardio  
Stepper CS11100600572 Matrix cardio  
stepper CS11100600575 Matrix cardio  
Stepper CS11100600576 Matrix cardio  
Stepper CS11100900742 Matrix cardio  
Stepper CS11100600573 Matrix cardio  
Stepmill 150015DAY15520019 Stairmaster cardio  
Stepmill 150015DAY15520027 Stairmaster cardio  
Total:  $18,900.00
There is a basic, first situation when it’s not a good idea to do intensity prescriptions. That’s when the lifter is a newbie. And there are two really simple reasons for that. First is, that such powerlifters either don’t have 1RMs to base the on or the 1RMs they have are not correct. The latter reason occurs due to a mix of multiple factors. Such as limited technical ability, limited mobility, poor neurological efficiency, and the weak power of will. Secondly, new powerlifters usually progress very quickly to the next routines of the There are millions of ways on how to compose good weightlifting workout programs. Some coaches stay true to few basic plans on such training. They simply tweak them to be fit for different skills and experience levels. But we are sticking to quite a different plan. We put our focus on intensity (actual weights) prescriptions for any specific powerlifter. I personally am sure there are times when both approaches are applicable, even within the same workout session…