The most-common pieces of equipment Fit4sale re-manufactures are used treadmills, used elliptical trainers, and used strength. Once we have received the equipment into our warehouse, we inspect every machine's operation and condition.

We learned back in 1999 that gym owners would only buy used equipment if they could be assured that nobody found out. The gym owner could not afford to let the word get out around town that their business took the lower cost route and bought used equipment. They told us that if the local competition got wind of the fact the fitness equipment they purchased was really secondhand equipment. The competition would use it against then in their marketing efforts.

This put Fit4Sale on a mission to create a refurbish procedure of the fitness equipment which rendered it, “New Again”.

All units are stripped down to the bare frame and rebuilt from the ground up. We powder coat all of the frames and respective parts unless they cannot be powder coated, such as aluminum, plastics and some other materials. We then start to rebuild each machine, [including] the electrical wiring, moving bearings, bushings, nuts and bolts, drive motors and elevation motors. We replace every decal, overlay and instructional place cards, and running belts, drive belts and running decks, if needed.

We do not re-manufacture or refurbish any equipment that either is so old that we cannot find or make replacement parts, or any equipment that costs too much for replacement

Fit4Sale’s re-manufacturing process is extensive

1) Machine Dismantle

Break every gym machine down into pieces, and dispose of any parts that may be defective, such as decals, pulleys, or hardware. 

2) Sand Blast & Powder Coat

We heat up all steel parts in special ovens that melt any existing paint or other materials, and then sand blast the pieces with high-pressure guns to strip the steel down to raw metal.  We then powder coat the frames and other related steel parts to the original factory colors, or your choice of a custom color.

3) Machine Rebuild

With the powder coated steel frames and parts, we start to rebuild the machines.  We order parts either from the manufacturer direct (OEM) or use one of our many aftermarket suppliers.  Everything, including nuts, bolts, washers, bearings, cables, pillow blocks, decals, pulleys and upholstery are replaced.

Watch how it's done!