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Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical

$ 2,195.00

The Life Fitness 95Xi Elliptical is a fully featured, total-body elliptical cross-trainer which contains 26 motivating workout programs and a premium, upper-and lower-level console with numeric keypad. The Life Fitness console design allows users to read a magazine and program workouts at the same time. Additionaly, it includes a customzed Cool Down protocol as well as two workout modes- Cross-Train Aerobics & Cross-Train Reverse.


Elliptical Trainers that work more muscles in less time

Gone are the days of the lower-body-only elliptical. Now, busy exercisers aim to work their entire bodies all at once. Our biomechanics team couldn’t agree more. That’s why these total-body gurus work diligently to design elliptical trainers that encourage the most natural movement among every major muscle group. Countless hours in the elliptical lab have led to the ultimate workout from head to toe. Arms. Shoulders. Chest. Back. Hips. Legs. All shaped with exercise at a lower-perceived exertion than lower body only workouts. All in a 20-minute time crunch. It’s safe to say with Life Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainers, your users can build the best muscle tone above and below the waist.



They’re built for comfort

Elliptical cross training should feel pure and natural to everyone regardless of experience. So our team considered every ergonomic curve, shape, and angle, making every machine smooth, comfortable, and accommodating. The long, wide, oversized pedals on our elliptical trainers give exercisers the freedom to adjust their foot placement in many different positions. These are also the closest-spaced pedals within TUV standards to eliminate unnecessary lateral hip shifting or potential lower-back pain. And the ergonomically-designed handlebars are shorter to efficiently synchronize arm and leg movement into one fluid, smooth motion. Go ahead and compare the comfort of our elliptical trainer versus theirs: you’ll feel the difference right away.


The workout programs are familiar

Recognize the Elliptical Cross Trainer’s programming? It’s similar to the workouts found on the Lifecycle® bikes and Stairclimbers – great for helping your users move with ease throughout your facility. Also, the console display’s auto start feature immediately lights up the display once the pedals begin to move. There’s even an integrated reading ledge that splits the display into two levels, so users can check and change workouts on the bottom portion, while their reading materials cover the top portion. And exercisers can go from one program to another without starting over. We call it on-the-fly programming (users call it endless variety).


They account for every single heartbeat

Our Lifepulse™ heart rate monitoring system is the industry’s only system with digital heart rate hand sensors built into the moving arms. This also makes it the most accurate system. That’s because non-digital (analog) readings by most manufacturers’ products can be off by 20-30 beats per minute. But our Lifepulse system thoroughly analyzes the collected data and disregards any outside interference or muscle noise. Your users get the most precise readings. And you get them coming back to your Cross-Trainers time and time again.


They’re a powerful, power saver.

All the Life Fitness ellipticals are self-powered. So you have the freedom to place these machines anywhere in your facility. But they’re also powerful enough to handle endless operation. Take the maintenance-free belt-drive system. This flexible, yet durable rubber belt is much more smooth and quiet than chain-drives (and much more reliable over long periods of time). Plus, our Elliptical Trainers feature 600 powerful watts and 25 resistance levels. That’s just some of the power behind this total-body product.




Maximum User Weight 350 lbs (160 kg)

Power Requirements

  • AC power line 115 volt, 15 amp (voltage may vary outside U.S.)
  • Self-Powered
  • Auto Start: brings power to console when user begins pedaling

Length 84.75" (215 cm)

Width 26.5" (67 cm)

Height 64" (162.5 cm)

Unit Weight 286 lbs (130 kg)


• Fit Stride™ technology; 20" (50.8 cm) stride length
• Ergonomically correct moving arm handles provide total- body workout
• Dual-level alphanumeric LED console
• Heart Rate Monitoring: Lifepulse™ hand sensors and Polar® telemetry
• 30 workouts, including 5 ZoneTraining+™ workouts and Fit Test Protocol
• User can select from up to 9 different languages
• Integrated reading rack and accessory tray
• Self-powered; optional plug-in accessory
• Available with Attachable LCD with E-Z TV™ Console (95XEZ) or Attachable LCD Entertainment System

95Xi Performance Features:


Choose from two biomechanically correct total-body ellipses. With the option of Fit Stride™ or Classic Stride
technology, you can appeal to a variety of users




The pedal design allows users to adjust foot position comfortably and the narrow 2.8" (7.1 cm) pedal spacing – the
closest TUV-compliant spacing in the industry – minimizes lateral hip shifting, which reduces lower back stress.




Lifepulse™ digital heart rate monitoring hand sensors are conveniently placed on the ergonomically designed
handlebars to provide precise heart rate monitoring, and Polar telemetry provides accurate, "hands-free" heart rate monitoring. (See specifications on page 35 for heart rate monitoring system availability.)




Zone Training+™ workouts automatically adjust the resistance level to keep users in their target heart rate zone. Goal-based workouts allow users to set personal goals, while Cross-Train Reverse and Cross-Train Aerobic workouts utilize machine-generated prompts to keep users hyped!




Provides a lower operating resistance, which appeals to novice
and reconditioned users.




Allows for easy comparisons to daily activities, such as walking
and running.




Powered completely by human movement, you can place these energy-efficient cross-trainers anywhere in your facility,
with no electrical cords or outlets to consider

There is a basic, first situation when it’s not a good idea to do intensity prescriptions. That’s when the lifter is a newbie. And there are two really simple reasons for that. First is, that such powerlifters either don’t have 1RMs to base the on or the 1RMs they have are not correct. The latter reason occurs due to a mix of multiple factors. Such as limited technical ability, limited mobility, poor neurological efficiency, and the weak power of will. Secondly, new powerlifters usually progress very quickly to the next routines of the There are millions of ways on how to compose good weightlifting workout programs. Some coaches stay true to few basic plans on such training. They simply tweak them to be fit for different skills and experience levels. But we are sticking to quite a different plan. We put our focus on intensity (actual weights) prescriptions for any specific powerlifter. I personally am sure there are times when both approaches are applicable, even within the same workout session…