Total Club Solutions


  It is Fit4sale's mission to help those succeed who help us succeed……Our commitment to our customers is based on our vast experience and knowledge of business itself. With over 30 years of personal experience as a successful business owner in the fitness industry, importing / exporting general merchandise to the Hospitality industry, the owner of Fit4sale, Nicholas Pugh and his team of professionals can help guide you through the process of starting your own health facility and programs.


  Our Total Turnkey Solutions will provide you with all the right tools to improve your chances to success and profitability through our assistance and consulting. Call now 1800-396-4348 to schedule a preliminary evaluation of your needs, whether you're a start up or existing facility who wants to increase your bottom line, Fit4sale Total Turnkey Solutions will provide you with a "One Stop Shop".


  Our Total Club Solutions Program consists of a total of one week training in all aspects of the business. Our team of professionals will help you learn the basics and advanced techniques that will allow you to perform and operate your business with knowledge and support from Fit4sale. This program will consist of a comprehensive, in depth training program to help improve your success to running a fitness facility.


 Fit4Sale will be your right choice for many reasons other than low prices!




            Our experience and knowledge of basic business operations in the Health industry, as well as various other industries, make us qualified to assist you in your ventures. Some key areas we can assist you in are…..


In House training at our corporate facility

  • How to choose your location and negotiate the best lease
  • Business plan & structure, forecasting and projections
  • How to set up your facility for the proper traffic flow and design
  • Learn to compete with your competitors
  • Hiring and firing of staff, instructors and personal trainers
  • Operating software and basic guide lines to assist in your daily operations and systems
  • Presale basic understanding accompanied with basic marketing and promoting of your facility
  • Knowledge of membership agreements and sales techniques on how to close sales
  • Knowing your revenue streams
  • Training of staff and how to hire and what to look for
  • Book keeping and track sales, expenditures and profits
  • Understanding of your members, demographics and location
  • Web site design & set up, social media and SEO concepts and strategy


Onsite training at our corporate gym in Malibu, California 

  • Customer Service, Front Desk and how to deal with members and staff
  • Management skills
  • Continued operating software and basic guide lines with Club Runner Systems
  • How to structure the right mix of all your revenue generators
  • Knowledge and understanding of Group X programs
  • Knowledge and understanding of personal training programs
  • Knowledge and understanding of private classes
  • How to effectively promote & advertise your facility inside and outside
  • Proper attire and basic training of staff
  • Presenting to your potential customers and existing members
  • How to conduct basic phone sales, walk ins and renewals
  • Effective ways to close a membership
  • Inventory control systems
  • How to give a proper tour of your facility
  • How to maintain your equipment


Full Pre-sale Marketing, Pre-sale Training & hands on sales, After opening support Systems

  • Pre Sale marketing to include assistance with all Pre sale marketing materials
  • Pre Sale On Site at your location to provide Pre Sales and training in Sales, Marketing & Operations
  • After opening support to include additional call in support at your convenience.
  • Grand Opening marketing & Promotions materials and assistance.




  • 100,000 Sq ft corporate facility with offices, show rooms and warehousing of every manufacture of top quality light commercial and commercial fitness equipment.
  • Guarantee to save you thousands of dollars in equipment needs for your facility
  • Design your facility with the specific equipment to fit your exact budget and needs
  •  Customize any facility package with type, colors, size, cost and time frames
  • Assist you to hand pick your equipment on site
  • Understanding the equipment and how it operates


Accessories & other key products: 

  • Facility Flooring includes Rubber, aerobics, wood, track & field, outdoor
  • Kids club jungle gyms and set ups
  • Lockers
  • Operating systems and software programs
  • Entertainment systems and set up
  • Supplements and Nutrition products
  • Pools & Spa equipment & installations
  • Promotional materials and marketing suppliers



  • We offer financing for small and big facilities, good or bad credit……we can finance turnkey
  • Our financing department has over 15 years experience in the Health industry alone
  • Customized to fit your needs and budgets and create programs to assist you in your start up costs
  • Competitive industry rates


Logistics & Installations: 

  • Delivery anywhere in USA, Canada and Mexico and delivery world wide
  • Discounted industry rates
  • Professional and knowledgeable in set up, design and install of all facets of start ups







**Fees are based on each individuals specific needs.


All Packages Include:

Includes (1) economy airfare return ticket to Los Angeles, California

Our team of knowledgeable and professional instructors

Transportation to / from our training facilities ( if needed )

Daily lunch provided

Fit4sale will provide discounted rates at selected properties if needed.

3 Day Training & Consulting which includes Manuals, Forms and necessary materials for operating your facility.


Call Now, 1800-396-4FiT (4348) or contact us below for further immediate information on our

Total Turnkey Solutions!